Ideas From the Traditional Home Napa Show House

Last week, I met Cindy Hattersley and Pat Huber 
in Napa, California 
to tour the Traditional Home Show House.  
This is the second year they have 
let me tag along on their little adventure.
Thanks, guys!

Can you see the grape vines in the background?
This is in the heart of the wine country.
Here are my favorite highlights of the home 
(Pat took some of the photos and Cindy 
is going to publish her favorite highlights on Friday).

This wine closet is not planked but actually wallpapered.

These are beautiful Roman shades 
in the living room looking down from the second floor
where the master bedroom is located.
In the master bedroom, 
notice how the colors mimic the shades outside?

I've been looking at "antiqued" rugs lately 
and thought this one in the master bathroom was pretty.
There was one problem...
they were still working on the bathroom!
In fact, in many parts of the house, 
tile wasn't grouted and the guest house wasn't finished at all!
This happened last year, too, when we toured the 
show house and the kitchen wasn't completely ready.
Seems this is more like real life (delays, permit problems, etc.)
instead of the HGTV shows that I love where it all comes together quickly and/or in the nick of time!
Come on in to the part of the house 
that Cindy, Pat and I liked best.
There was so much light 
(even on a rainy day like we had)...
the dark gray walls in the family room
contrast with the kitchen and look great.

Circa Lighting was a sponsor.
The kitchen was by Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Love this island styling.

Great looking ethic, global vibe here.
Coffee table styling...
Fun floor pillows... but hey, no TV?  Not that realistic these days.
Still, looks better.

This is so pretty.  
If you have been a client of mine, you know I always 
recommend a luxurious, light weight cashmere throw.
 Pool/guest bath...

Laundry room...

Another cool rug and luxe linens...

This arrangement with the kumquats 
feels very Californian to me.

Thanks for visiting!
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  1. Thank you for sharing these great photos! I finished by bathroom and owe you some photos! Thank you so much for your help!

  2. The whole place is very cohesive--everything works together. The kitchen backsplash is wonderful because it is just different enough yet not so out there that it becomes tiresome.
    So the oriental rugs are purposely used? When I think of all the rugs I rejected because they were worn or faded!

  3. Even with all the work in progress, it's a gorgeous home! The kitchen, the doors and hardware are lovely. And yes, I love those antiqued rugs as well!

  4. That's the laundry room?! Really? I could live in there...seriously thanks for sharing all this inspiration Mary Ann, I'm so glad you guys got to this together. That's the best part.

    1. Exactly, Leslie...we had fun together...went to lunch and did a little shopping, too.

  5. Just gorgeous...all of it especially the bathroom. Is that Gracie wallpaper? I'm assuming there is just a soaking tub and no shower in there!

    Thanks for sharing the tour with us...I'm going to go get some tissues now and cry, cry again... ;)

    Linda in S.D.

  6. What a lovely home. I lived the laundry room and also liked the island styling. However, I always wonder about the obligatory bowl of lemons. Love the dash of color, but what do people use all the lemons for? My guess is they're not making lemonade this time of year. Rhetorical question. Ignore me. ;)

    1. Ha! You are funny. I use a lot of lemons...in water, tea, salad dressing, on roasted vegetables and chicken. We go through several. Is that just us?

  7. oy vey. i see a home like this and i get the urge to move so i can copy stuff like this kitchen and the laundry and the bathroom. thanks for taking such good pics so i can pin the heck of them!

  8. I really like the details in this home. Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

  9. Sounds like a fun time. That bouquet w/the kumquats is gorgeous!

  10. I love the kitchen and the floor rugs, now I can feel good about my worn antique rugs!

  11. I loved the tour and like you, love the rugs. The kitchen is amazing and adore the shelves and the beautiful countertops! Happy Wedneday!

    1. I think the shelves were one of my favorite parts, too.

  12. Oh that was so much fun to look at your photos with my morning coffee in hand. Thank you for sharing! Any idea what that countertop in the kitchen is? The fact that beveled edge is white - could it possibly be laminate or are my eyes deceiving me? Whatever it is, it looks gorgeous. Love the kumquats in that last pic of the floral arrangement too. I'd love to find some of those for Christmas arrangements!

    1. I think Silesstone. There were some sources in the book but didn't state exactly what was what.

  13. I love the rugs and the lighting! Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  14. What a great tour! Would love to see it myself in person. Love that pool bath tile floor. Also love the rustic, neutral feel of the spaces. Thanks for posting!

    1. You just missed it, Carla...have to come back!

  15. THAT little wooden table reminds me of MY SON's TABLES.......take a peek at DOG AND PIG FURNITURE.COM.He is LOCAL and is SELLING a few tables.........even to LONDON, ENGLAND!
    I remember THAT DAY it was POURING RAIN.................tell me your BUDDY did not drive that route from her CASA to that TOUR and back HOME again in the same DAY?!!

  16. I think your ethnic/global description is much better than Traditional....I'm disappointed :(
    I do thank you so much for the post though....sometimes it is good for me to get out of my rut and see how the rest of the world perceives design.
    Christmas blessings to you,

  17. I love that bathroom, and the kitchen itself has such great detail such as the iron shelving, the counter stools and quartz counter. I love black and white in touches but all in all it was well done!

  18. That bathroom runner is perfection! Long shot but you don't happen to know a source do you? Or was it truly vintage? Thanks for sharing the tour!

    1. Sorry, I don't know...but Etsy has some great rugs...like the one I bought for our bedroom.

  19. i am loving the antiqued rugs and those lanterns in the kitchen. and feeling relieved/joined that even Traditional Home is a little behind schedule since that is certainly our experience here at the fixer upper (it's a crew of 2 here, not 35 HGTV playas)! Napa in December...i would love to tag along next year! joy to you, gorgeous blogger. xox

    1. It would be great if you could come, Michele!

  20. That kitchen is absolutely stunning!!! And so is that bathroom. Lots of beautiful ideas here. Cheers

  21. I don't know where to start! Nobody loves a showhouse better than I do and this one did not disappoint! That kitchen backsplash killed me as did the bathroom! Merry Christmas! xoxo Sherry

  22. Hi Mary Ann,
    I thought I posted a comment but guess I didn't. How fun, a beautiful show house in Napa...what could be better? Lots of great ideas, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Gail


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