Palm Desert, Scottsdale, San Diego, Newport Beach/Lido Village THE HOT SPOTS

Nice to be home in San Francisco again!  But, the last two weeks were busy and extremely fun!  Here are some highlights in case you are planning a trip out this way.

First stop was Palm Desert, California to celebrate my mom's birthday with family at Las Casuelas Restaurant...where they make the best guacamolé table side!  

Then, it was off to Scottsdale, Arizona to watch the San Francisco Giants at Spring Training!  Go Giants!!!
We stayed at the recently refurbished historic Valley Ho Hotel.

Like stepping back in time.

My cousin, Julie lives there.  She treated me to lunch at Arcadia Farms and gave me a tour of the area.
 There are so many good restaurants in Scottsdale!  
One night, our group had dinner at elements in the Sanctuary Spa at the "Chef's table."  The curtain on the left opened to reveal this...

After Scottsdale, I flew back to San Diego to spend some time with my mom.  Of course, we had to make a trip to the best Target I have ever been to (it's relatively new)...which is near her home.
Have you seen all the fun black and white they have right now?
And this kid's set up is adorable.  Need baskets?

By the way...look at the pretty striped throw that Liana got at Target (and the orchids from IKEA)...she is SO clever at mixing high and low.

Then, we went up to Newport Beach for an amazing couples shower that we gave for Debbie's daughter (next post). 

I had been hearing a lot about the Lido Marina Village.  Here are some highlights and you should check it out yourself if you are in Newport Beach.

And of course, I had to stop by Roger's Gardens...while Howard read his book in the car.  That's ok...it's fun to wander by yourself.  Spring is springing...

Always inspiring...and they had more black and white!

Back to reality.  And all the boring household things.  But I have some fun projects in the works so I'd better get on it!

Hope you are having a great week.


  1. Your mom looks great! happy birthday to her, it sounds like you've had a fun bunch of trips lately, I look forward to seeing photos from that beautiful shower. And thanks for the tip about Lido Marina village I'm definitely going. :)

    1. I want to go back and have lunch there. We had fish tacos at Bear Flag but everyone is talking about Zinque.

  2. Wow! Those cacti! The vases! All the decor! It looks wonderful.

  3. All my favorite places. I live outside Scottsdale and grew up in San Diego, and also lived in LA for a while. I could visit all those places every week. Fun trip.

  4. Rogers Nursery in the spring, oh my! I've only been there for Christmas, it's a winter wonderland. A pricey one at that.

  5. Your mom looks fabulous! I love the black and white at Rogers Gardens! So sad we couldn't spend more time there last time! Next trip!!

  6. Beautiful part of our country...! Wish we lived closer. And yes, spring is actually here!!!

  7. what a fabulous tour! thanks for bringing us along. i'll meet you in scottsdale next time you're there--i think we were in arizona at the same time, and i'm there almost every month! i love all the inspiration here, and just seeing the water makes me long for the ocean. oh lordy, i need a break from fixeruppering. xox

  8. Phew, you've been busy. But it sure looks like you enjoyed the best weather and had lots of fun with family and friends. I love the changes they've made in the Lido Village.

  9. Wow...you've been here, there and everywhere and sure looks like you had a great time at each stop! Lots of eating, shopping, playing and partying! I need a Rogers Gardens fix and I can't wait for pics of the shower for Debbie's daughter. It had to be fabulous! Hope you're relaxing this weekend,
    XOXO Gail

  10. You are one busy lady, Mary Ann! Lido Marina Village looks amazing. Would love to spend a day shopping there! Happy weekend!

  11. OMG . . . MA ... you kill me ... your life! :-)


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