Inspirational Ideas For You From the SF Decorator's Showcase

On Tuesday, I put on my new, little Fitbit and walked over to the SF Decorator Showcase in Pacific Heights (uphill both ways :)  It's open until May 29th.

While I was in the House Beautiful kitchen, designed by Jon De La Cruz, I overheard the designer say "Yes, photos are fine.  This is all about giving you inspiration."  It was so fun reviewing my photos just now to see what really caught my eye.  Which I will summarize...and try not to be wordy.  It's all about the photos...
The grey paint enhances the ornate white detail.
Cool open shelving.  
Although this part of the room is narrow, notice how the small island is useful and lovely.
Everything is at hand (mise en place -- French culinary term for in place) 
including plates and pantry staples.
Caesarstone countertop (how about that edge)?  
On the island the pulls are brass and iron and then
are reversed for the cabinets near the stove.

Interesting way to install the Fireclay subway tile.

Loved the use and treatment of this space turned into a great banquette.
Nice Roman shades, too.

See the grain sack bench and nailhead details and the limestone flooring by Haussmann.

This Thibaut marbled wallpaper added so much to the space in a subtle way.
Yes.  So, I loved the kitchen!

More rooms to share.
This guest bath by Mead Quin Design was a perfect mix of modern and serenity.
Ann Sacks tile and Caesarstone. Kohler plumbing.

 Here is a fun teen girl's bedroom designed by Kristen Pena.
She mixed an indigo painted wall with dotted wall paper and Windy Chien’s rope lights.

The jewel box, feminine office off the master bedroom by Kari McIntosh was one of my favorites.
I like the ethnic, modern traditional mix!  She was in the room when I was there and was free flowing with her sources.  I recognized the St. Frank's wallpaper (produced from an African textile pattern) from their shop on Sacramento Street.
Artwork from Simon Breitbard Fine Arts.

Look how she covered this book in ikat fabric.

This is the view from the top floor...nice day, right?
 This modern "penthouse" living room by Catherine Kwong feels inviting.  
Love the vertical plank accent wall.

I hope you can see the multitude of other rooms at the SF Decorator Showcase.

Guess who turns FOUR today?
Chief (and his brother, Judge).

We are taking his new container filled with assorted treats 
to the dog park this afternoon to share with his pals.

By the way, I read someplace that the show house
is available for sale for $18 million if you are interested :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I was just thinking the other day, wondering if it was time for the SF Showcase home. And here it is! What a beautiful house and though it's a bit more contemporary than I usually like, it's still beautifully done. I love the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. (Speaking of hardware, I got my RH order yesterday!)
    Happy Birthday sweet Chief! I remember visiting you when you were just a pup and you've grown into quite the handsome, but still cute, young man! And what a beautiful day to celebrate in the park with your doggie buddies!
    Have a beautiful day! xoxo Gail

  2. After having spent the day cleaning the house (and don't even tell me--nobody cleans like I do--major casting of shade on housekeepers) I would never, ever have open shelving. Plus, on a zen level, I really like when everything is out of sight.
    LOVE the limestone floors and nailhead details.

    1. Yes... it would stress me out a bit but someone said their staff would probably handle it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!!! Love the modern yet comfy, warm vibe!! Happy Birthday to Chief!! 🐶💙

  4. This is a gorgeous home and if I had $18 million at my disposal, I would be all over it! Not sure where the backsplash tile in the kitchen came from, but you had mentioned that the bathroom tile was from Ann Sacks... Honestly, if I lived in SF, or anywhere in the US for that matter (I'm in Canada), I would be buying my tile from Heath Ceramics. Love their product and it would fit perfectly in this house. But that's just me! Love your blog, I have been reading for a really long time but I don't think I have ever commented. SF is one of my favourite places to visit and Napa Valley usually gets added on as well. Thank you!

    1. It was from Fireclay...but always welcome a new source! Thanks for reading.

  5. Well, this was fun. I love decorator house tours! It's fun to see what tickles the fancy of top decorators. Thanks for bringing us along?

  6. Vertical paneling? My parent's 70s home will be back in fashion. :)

    1. I don't think it's ever gone out! Unless it's that thin veneer kind (which can look better painted).

  7. I have nothing to hide! My mostly open kitchen makes me see where I put things and where I need to clean. I appreciate not having to get down on my knees to get to the back of bottom cabinets. I liked many things about the kitchen, but that subway tile design would give me nightmares...that and that "live" finish—what a mess to clean. Loved the office and the wallpaper. Chief would look right at home in his natural "tuxedo". Happy birthday to the Chief. Hope his treats were gobbled with great delight. I remember the picture you posted of his pack in the park. They all looked like they came out of central casting for a Disney film—charming!!!!

  8. I used to go to the SF Show House years ago when I lived in the city. One year, while I was touring an upstairs room, the Blue Angels were flying over the Bay. What a sight! It was a beautiful day, just like in your photos. I used to live near this year's show house (although I was young and renting an apartment). Thank you for this walk down memory lane.

    1. Wow...that must have been cool to see the Blue Angels while touring. We have a pretty good view, too, for it.

  9. I love the kitchen but, there is something about the slightly staggered tiles in the kitchen that gives me the optical illusion that there are different levels in the kitchen. I love the shelves.

  10. Chief is 4?! How can that be? Wish I could have walked those hills with you and taken the tour!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these photos, Mary Ann!!! Was there any information on the kitchen cabinet pulls? I have found similar mixed metal bar pulls, but cannot locate the ones used in the showhouse. We are just about ready to have the hardware installed in our new home and these are the exact look I have been trying to find. Thank you!!! -- Cheryl in Bham, AL.

    1. Yes there was info...but unfortunately I lost the card. Rejuvenation has some mixed metals pulls though.

  12. Thank you for sharing this house tour. I love the kitchen but is seems a wee bit small but as you say there is a place for everything.

    How many steps did you get on your Fitbit? I try to walk no less than 10,000 steps a day and my top day my husband and I waked 20 miles over 50,000 steps.

    Have a great week.

    1. Bravo to you. 50K??? That's amazing! I got 15K at the flea market today and felt good about that!

  13. Love Show House tours and am so wishing I could get up to Kips Bay. This was gorgeous and you had such perfect, beautiful weather. Hope you got in a lot of steps on the Fitbit!!!

  14. Whoa! What's this about your thinking of closing your Blog! Don't even go there...please? I just stumbled across your Blog about 1-1/2 years ago and I love it. You Blog is so real. I mean, I can afford Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and others of that price point in my (own) location. Most Blogs can never be replicated that deal with design. Or, example, the designed room is in Waco, Texas and I live in Florida with an entirely different vibe.

    I'm nautical up-scale, not beachy.

    I graduated high school at Huntington Beach High back when it first opened...it originally was supposed to be some sort of sea aquarium venue. My family lived directly on the beach at the North end of Seal Beach...it was even gated back then! It was a lovely time (the 60's) to live on the beach. The Beach Boys used to hang out with us on weekends and play and all of us kids would dance out on the pier. This was before they really hit it big. Marine helicopters used to buzz our roofs were we would lay sun bathing so we wouldn't have "strap marks" (lol). Ah, those were the days of bliss. Our weekends were filled with bon fires and volley ball.

    Well, back to this worrysome news of your Blog demise. Yikes, think of your band of fans...and Chiefs-what's he gonna say?! Speaking of Chief...what a darling! We have a mini Schnauzer. The fourth "person" in the family. Aren't dogs in your life just precious? Cats, too.

    Well, its been a pleasure talking to you and definitely visiting your Blog. Glad Chief is ok. Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


    1. What, Nonni? My blog's demise? I hope I didn't give you that impression? I have lots of posts still floating around in my head. I would love to see a photo of your mini-Schnauzer!

  15. Gorgeous inspiration, Mary Anne--so glad you got your exercise AND brought all this beauty home for us. That backsplash, and those kitchen cabinets! xox

  16. Love the kitchen and Kari McIntosh's space. I am a fan of hers!! I hope I can get up there to see it!!

  17. OMG...that office was incredible! The wallpaper is of the chain as they say:) The kitchen is pretty good also! Fun showhouse......love that it is more modern. Ours was very traditional this year.


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