Pretty Décor in Spotted Southern California Last Week!


Last week I travelled all over the place in Southern California.  I was at the Pasadena Showcase House north of Los Angeles, Debbie's gorgeous new home in Newport Beach and then to my sister's house (and favorite Target store) in San Diego.  Here are some inspirational photos from each place.

This is the lovely "nanny's bathroom" by Suzy Kloner Design
And here is the pretty nanny's bedroom by
 Denise also did this baby's nursery...
Laundry room... I like the shades and hanging succulents.

Nice design outside for our climate.
This charming spot below was fashioned out of a former tool shed.
I tried researching who did these spaces but couldn't find them on the internet. 
 Please let me know if you know.
 Next stop, Debbie's new house where she is making 
final decorating decisions so I cannot show much yet.    
The cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore Light Pewter.  
And look how clever this hidden charging station is...
I plugged my phone in there.  No more wondering where your cell phone is.
Such pretty bar stools.
A little peak into her laundry room...
And this is the upstairs hallway to the guest bedroom where I stayed (and didn't want to leave)...
The millwork is amazing.

My sister, Teresa does so much for our family, like taking care of our mom and letting us all descend on her in San Diego.  I usually try to do something nice for her (even if it's just hand-towels).  
She appreciates any decorating I might do.

This time, I got inspired by all the black and white pillows at her Target.
And bought some for her patio.
With this wicker basket to store them in...

Along with the striped throw and colorful pillow.
We had a birthday party for my husband here that will be featured in the upcoming
Project Design:  Simple Summer Entertaining Ideas
Chief and I are back in San Francisco and enjoying the pleasant weather.
Have a wonder weekend!


  1. The hallway to the upstairs bedroom: the white paint color is so crisp and fresh? Do you know the paint color? Thank you....Linda Klinger, Houston

    1. I believe it is BM Super White and White Dove.

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  3. I love this post! The nanny's bathroom is so pretty. The colors are lovely. And Debbie's house. No. Words. Except for maybe, WOW! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh boy, I almost forgot about the Pasadena Show House and appreciate the reminder. I have to get over there before it's too late. Your sneak peek has me thinking it's a really great one this year. And your friend's house, what a beauty!! Swoon....... I can see why you didn't want to leave and look forward to seeing more of it in the future.

    1. I think this may be the last weekend, Celia.

  5. A lot of inspiration and much to digest in this post. Thank you.

  6. Your sister sounds truly wonderful! Love the old tool shed and the hanging sofa in there, gave me a few ideas! Have a great weekend x

  7. This is gorgeous. It has that perfect balance of being spacious but not so much as to feel uncozy/unwelcoming. It's very livable.

  8. Hi MaryAnn, wasn't the Pasadena Showcase home beautiful? Anyway, the source is Justina and Trevor Freed (619)419-6599 (rose thicket.com). They were there when we toured. Both artists, use natural products. They told me the swing bed was made by the Amish. I could live in that little space with that fantastic oven lol!

  9. oh my! here is what I will not be able to get out of my noggin for the rest of the day: pretty pink tulips and light pewter cabinets!!! so romantically timeless and tranquil lovely I could blow up my kitchen this second. instead, I will take this inspiration and apply it to my Arizona kitchen by immediately placing pink tulips in it to play off my classic silver painted cabinets! thanks, mary ann for delivering the lovely like a fairy godmother. xox

  10. I scrolled through the pictures first and stopped briefly at the kitchen and thought WOW! then when I read the copy I realized Debbie's kitchen was not the showcase kitchen. Could have been! Love your Target while you can. I can already see "down sizing" in ours. Hope it doesn't get "right sized"!

  11. Ahhhh lovely inspiration!!! I wish I could find the roll type blind like they used in the laundry room! Everything I find is some ditzy color and has an "attached valance" that is nothing but a pain in the neck!!
    So...back to the beautiful pictures. I loved your Sister's home...it should be showcased as well!!
    Thank you for your time to share these beautiful homes!

  12. Well...you sure had fun in So. Cal and shared beautiful things you saw on your adventure. Pasadena Showcasr House is always fun and inspirational, but the sneak peek of Debbie's home has me wanting more! You always find the best stuff at Target and you can never go wrong with black and white! Can't wait to see the post on Howard's party, I know it was fabulous!
    xoxo Gail

  13. Debbie's house is looking positively amazing. I cannot wait to see more!!! I can't believe you found those pillows at Target no wonder she wanted to keep them!!

  14. Wish I could have gone to the Pasadena Showhouse. I heard it was great! Lovely pics from California!

  15. Target killed it this spring with black and white....but of course I was looking for color the other day and nothing:)

  16. This looks like such a fun trip and would love to see the showhouse! Debbie's house is stunning - can't wait to see more! Happy Thursday, Mary Ann!

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