Awesome, New, Designer Fabric in West Hollywood, CA

There's lots of inspiration to take away from the design district in West Hollywood, California.  While I was there last week, the weather was beautiful and all the sales people had that happy, SoCal attitude that generates easy smiles.

Here were some of my favorite fabric shops and at the end of the post, some places for a quick bite to eat.
Nicky Rising's showroom is jam packed with beautiful fabrics.  The pillow fabric is by Walter G., the seat fabric is by Bastideaux, and the wallpaper is by de Gournay.

And there are more vendors like Carlton V, Walter G. and Clay McClaurin!

My next stop was the Elizabeth Eakins, Inc. showroom.
Love this bed and mix of colors.

 The Kelly Wearstler boutique is a fun, modern mix with black and white and rose colors.
Also pretty glam is the new Martin Lawrence Bullard showroom (that he opened while still decorating for the Kardashians).  
Which I am not sure is a positive...but I love his fabrics and have some in my own home.
Kabba Kabba
Taman Paisley

 Rose Tarlow's Melrose House is such a classy mix of new and old and great finishes.

Check out her gorgeous new linens...
Of course, Peter Dunham has really great linens, too, at Hollywood at Home.

They represent other lovely brands, like Carolina Irving, Elizabeth Hamilton, Lisa Fine, Penny MorrisonSchuyler Samperton and Peter Fasano.

I enjoyed stopping in at Harbinger, too.
And if you are on Melrose Avenue, stop in at the huge Restoration Hardware there.

 I sat out here on their terrace and got caught up with Annie from Most Lovely Things (she's in Connecticut) for an hour...just about blogging and life.

Places to stop for a break in the Melrose area...
Pallie was visiting with her pup from Florida...and we went to Joan's on Third for breakfast.  Bad photo of the usually photogenic Chief (the dogs stayed on the ground while we ate).
Zinque is a nice place to stop for lunch or a glass of wine.  
And I'm probably the only one in L.A. who got the bread (carbs are the enemy) with the healthy salad at Urth Caffe.  There are lots more places (our daughter, Alie, lives in the neighborhood) but this post is getting a little lengthy!

While putting away my fabric samples for later use...
a few made it to my constantly changing inspiration board.
Have a great week!


  1. Textile design doesn't get its due as a form of art.

  2. How fun to go to all those wonderful spots. I saw a few things that really caught my eye too!! Happy Summer to you!

  3. I'm loving the black and white with khaki(?) Great fabric examples.

  4. Wow...be still my beating heart, so many fabrics to die for! I especially love the M.L. Bullard fabrics and with designs like those, yes...it is a positive! And all the black and white on your inspiration board makes me want to change gears on my project! How I wish I could have met up with you to see a few of these wonderful showrooms. I suppose they're all "to the trade only." Thank you for sharing this wonderful array of fabrics!
    xo Gail

  5. What a lovely day you had finding wonderful resources and enjoying time with friends. What could be better!

  6. Mary Ann,
    I loved catching up with you last week---if only I could have been shopping WITH you! I love some of those black and white fabrics. Like the + and x and of course aby fabric that has the Diamond shape!

  7. my best la fabric story is visiting Bennsion and talking to this couple for 30minutes. I finally realized it was the couple that owned Bennison. idiot!!! lol. She was just working in the shop. by herself. wow!

  8. Please call next time you're in LA. Would be so much fun to meet for breakfast lunch dinner or tea! Let's keep the fun rolling.

  9. PS. You're right. No one eats bread in LA.


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