Here we have a fresh "modern farmhouse" look in black and white with splashes of red.

This is another installment of the makeover at Lisa's house.  Her kitchen is here in case you missed it.   In fact, there is cute Lisa below in her new breakfast area.
We tried to figure out if we should refurbish or replace their well-used Lee Industries sectional.

I am looking at the accessories in this before photo thinking about where I used them in the end.
(we put all her accessories in one place to shop).
are about to work their magic on this....
A super bad before photo makes for a great after!

Jim and company commence!
And NOW!
Look how the television can be lowered to more eye level.
See me in the photo?  
(If you are a client of mine you may have a couple, too :)  They are comfortable, small scale for tighter places and the price is not outrageous for real leather.  Comes in different colors and/or with a swivel.
Lisa showed me how she was storing those antique mirrored windows on my first 
visit with her (and I was SOLD on the project).  
And she had the cool pine side board.
We took the coffee table from another room.

I did a bit of raiding of my accessories closet...
Wish West Elm would bring back that black and white box.

Lisa took apart the two ceiling fans and spray painted them dark and added new stained blades...so now they have more of an industrial look.  Way to go!

(Thanks, Larry, for getting Chief into the photo).
We are on vacation in Sicily right now.  

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  1. I do like those leather chairs: how could I have missed them in other posts? We are in the market for one for husband's study; so many are just too....big!
    Hope you're all having a wonderful vacation!

  2. Great job Mary Ann, fresh and current but still classic with longevity!!! Kudos to you and congratulations to your client for the great make over and choice in decorators!!

    1. And MAJOR kudos to Jim and his team, Kathysue.

  3. Love the transformation of that fireplace Wowza! Miss you hope you guys are having fun...By the way who is that trophy wife in the short white dress next to Howard? She looks fabulous!!

    1. You crack me up, Cindy. I think the new purse that I bought here is hiking up my dress a bit.

  4. Absolutely love! What was done to the floors?

  5. It looks great. That fireplace makeover is brilliant and so is the ability to lower the TV. Do tell us all about Sicily!

  6. It looks fabulous, all of it, the fireplace especially though, I had to look back and forth several times to really appreciate all that you had done, so impressed! X

  7. What a transformation !!! ! Your recommendations are always on pointe. The room feels much more sofisticated yet very casual and welcoming. Love the restrained touches of red, just the right amount of color.
    Please tell us more about that rug, What type of rug is that ? And where it's from ? I'm in desperate hunt for a neutral rug in large size.
    Gorgeous picture of your family. Enjoy the rest of your vacay

    1. Lisa found the rug at a local store called Indigo and Poppy in Lafayette.

  8. Looks so fabulous, Mary Ann! The fireplace surround you added is amazing and makes the room and the hardware on the TV to lower it is a wonderful idea. I sometimes think TV's are too high above a fireplace. I take it you decided to replace the sofa and I love those chairs too. The black, white neutral and touch of red is so chic. Looking at those white walls, I'm thinking I should do white wall for my project. I've been struggling with getting a new ceiling fan but what you did to hers is great and I am doing that to my white one. We're starting on our floors this week! I'm excited. Looks like you're having a terrific time in Sicily! xoxoxo Gail.

  9. This is the second transformation where you "blithly" show complete masonry/cabinetry smashout/redo's. Having lived through something like this, the from "before" to "after" is a whole lot of mess. Both of your redo's fall under the category: what's new? it's always been that way.(One of the best compliments ever, in my book). I think that, coupled again with your Mary Poppins tricks (loved the black and white box and the touches of red), this new room looks and lives beautiful. If you have time on your travels, and you haven't found the blog "Lost in Cheeseland" blog, you might enjoy eating with your eyes through Paris and France.

  10. Beautiful transformation, Mary Ann. My favorite element? That coffee table, in its scrubbed natural glory. You and the family look gorgeous and relaxed, and I'm sure you are in heaven--I would be! xox

  11. Fabulous make over. Now I want to paint my natural bricks around the fireplace! Love following you on FB and all your darling outfits on you fabulous vacation. Have a wonderful Summer. It looks like it's off to a good start.


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