A Week in Sicily: The Most Awesome, Unforgettable Vacation with 29 Friends!

Hi guys!  This is going to be a bit more personal than usual.
Some people thought that the idea of vacationing on 
the island of Sicily with 29 close friends was nuts.

How would we manage a group that large?
Wouldn't there be a lot of  "drama?"
Well, we DID have some drama... the fun kind!
Photo credit: Eric Kreher

First, thank you to my husband, Howard 
for researching and organizing the trip.  You are amazing.

I think the keys to having such a great time 
with this large of a group were:

1.  We all love each other.  We have been friends for many years and our kids have grown up together.
2.  The awesome Villa Zinna was spacious enough for all. 
3.  We had organized, pre-planned and 
well run excursions by Agave Travel Creative.
4. Some delicious dinners were prepared for us by Villa Zinna and we had restaurant reservations for others 
(thanks for making them, Netta).

The owners, Salvatore and Michael have lovingly 
restored Villa Zinna.
They have a great sound system and we had dance parties out here every night.  
Good thing there are no close neighbors.  
Our stone walled guest rooms were actually once stables.

Thank you, Carlos Alfonso for most of these photos 
in this post (which were way better than mine).

Below are some of the fantastic tours we took thanks 
to Marcello at Agave Travel Creative. 

We had to split up onto two boats which was OK as the "kids" (mostly adults now) had rap music on their boat and we had all the wine on our boat!

Many thanks to Julz for planning the Caftan 60's Party.  She told us to bring caftans and then she brought all hair accessories, make-up and earrings.  Her husband, Billy got the party going with cocktails.
So, we felt glamorous and silly and happy!

And then we surprised Julz and Billy with a wedding ceremony/renewal of vows.
Woody did a great job as Justice of the Peace with just 
the right amount of humor and sincerity... 
asking all the married couples to take 
this time to renew their vows, too...
so tears all around there.
Wreaths we made from the Villa Zinna garden flowers.
I am so grateful for this wonderful time 
with our family and friends.  
God bless you (and you reading, too).

Want to see how Eric made the first photo?

Ciao for now!


  1. OMG this looks and sounds like you had the best time of your lives. What a gift to be able to spend time in such an amazing place with your closest friends! I can't wait to have a sit down to hear all about it!!

  2. Well...I get to be the first to comment and WOW...what a truly amazing event of a lifetime! Howard, you are unbelieveable to put together this fantasy vacation and It looks like everyone had an incredible time. Kenny's family has talked about doing this for years so I'm sending your post to them in hopes that someone will be our "Howard" and start the ball rolling. Thank you for sharing this personal part of your life! Truly spectacular!
    xoxo Gail

    1. You should go to Villa Zinna, Gail. It feels like so. Cal. with the rocky terrain, palm trees, farms, sea... but really relaxed and gorgeous vistas.

  3. Replies
    1. And where did you get all those caftans? Was it in the "what you must bring with you" email? You need an enlarge print made of that photo! Love it!

    2. Some were vintage (Alie's--she brought extras)... mine was from India (bathing suit cover up) and a lot were from Etsy. Tommy is actually wearing Alie's striped shirt (Haha--pool boy).

  4. Best week of my life!!! I loved this post, felt like I relived it all over again. We are some lucky kids!



  5. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a promo for an opera! What fun. In a time when this world has gotten to be a rather scary place, how memorable that all 29 of you showed up to party and celebrate your love and time together. When Howard "retires" he can always be a travel planner.

    1. Yes...all the airport guards with machine guns and it took us 30 hours to get there with layovers...but so worth it. Can't let the terrorist win.

  6. You were definitely channeling the movie "Mama Mia"! I could almost hear ABBA singing their songs in the background. You live my fantasy life!

    1. We probably did have some ABBA playing at one point...we had such great music from everyone's play lists. And a couple people played the grand piano, too.

  7. What a wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime experience! Different generations all together: it sounds so much fun. I can't imagine putting this all together, but obviously Howard is a pro!!! Guess your summer is going to be a little ho hum after this!!

    1. Ha! So right, Libby....the rest of the YEAR will be a little slow.

  8. How fun to travel with friends in a large group like that.

  9. What a wonderful and memory making vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful place to spend with the the special friends in your life.

    1. We are all still "aglow" from the trip :) Jackie

  11. The trip of a lifetime!! Absolutely fabulous and I'm sure it will be reminisced about for years to come!!

  12. Wow, what a fabulous idea! Some great memories made there!

  13. That first photo is fantastic--you get the gorgeousness of the setting and the sense of humor and complicity among the participants. Plus it's a great photo--the lighting, the composition.

    1. Thanks...a great keepsake for all of us. :) Only took about 15 minutes, too.

  14. How amazingly fun is this!?! Makes me wanna sit down and make a list of the peeps I'd be willing to travel with! Love all the pre-arrangements that led to such organized fun!


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