Quick, Pretty Organizing and Talented Local Bloggers

Why not make your refrigerator pretty on the inside?
This is the inside of our refrigerator.  
The two ceramic baskets on the left are from Anthropologie and the one on the right is from Roost.
In these containers, you can store fruit and also rinse and serve it.
I bought the ceramic egg carton from Home Goods but Anthropologie also has cute ones.
There are lots more "Awesome Refrigeration Ideas" 
in my post for Houzz HERE.

My car's trunk was a mess...reusable grocery bags, yoga mat, leashes, snow chains...
 A trip to Home Goods for the cloth baskets, and a bag for my yoga mat and PRESTO!
My yoga mat bag is no longer made, but HERE is a nice one.

Easy and cute, right?

Last week, Brooke from Velvet and Linen and I were treated to lunch in L.A.
by the charming blog commenter, Linda in AZ.
I brought copies of Brooke's book, Patina Style for her to sign (one for me and one for Linda).
  Our daughter, Alie, a recent graduate of NYU is going to give Brooke's son,
who will be attending there in the Fall, some student insider tips.

Another talented, local blogger that I have gotten to know is
Annie from Lovely Things.

We have taken this walk together  (more about "doing the stairs" HERE).
 Sadly for me, she will be moving back east this summer.
But, I am happy that I will be able to follow her adventures on her blog.

And that's what I like about
it makes the world a smaller, friendlier place!
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  1. Okay... you're killing me, Mary Ann! I can't believe even your fridge is stylish! And, you got to have lunch with Brooke!!

    I'm going to check out Annie's blog :)

  2. So cute! I just read another blogger with the same containers from Antho. They are so adorable! Isn't blogging amazing?

  3. Ahhhhh, I love this post Maryann!
    Love the fridgescaping, I'm always on the verge of doing it. I collect things that I think will look great holding various things in my fridge. You beat me to it but now I'm really motivated thanks to you!!!
    So jealous of your lovely day with Brooke and Linda. Will you please meet me at the Ivy for lunch the next time I come to visit the boy?
    I'm dying to go to that fab shop Indigo Seas next door!!!
    You look so amazing in Brooke's photo and this one... emptynesthood clearly agrees with you :)
    Oh and I want to walk those stairs and have coffee in your favorite place too.
    It's obvious I'm catching up on your fab posts of late isn't it?
    Your friend's kitchen tour was wonderful, I can't tell you how often I've walked your little island just dying for a peek inside one of those charming homes. Now I've seen 2 of the best, thanks to you.
    And finally, congrats on your bistro chairs! I have 2 that I've hung onto for years in my prop shop and now I'm so glad they didn't sell. I love them too much. Someday I'll find the perfect spot...
    OK, I think I got it all out now.


  4. Nice organization ideas. I have never seen those ceramic organizers. They are great! It is fun getting to know bloggers in real life, isn't it? xo Diana

  5. Oh, and wonder you look so great... look what's in the fridge!!!

  6. PS. the fridge will only look like this until Tommy comes home from college for the summer.

  7. I love those ceramic containers and the cloth baskets for your trunk! We have only one Home Goods in San Diego, I wish it was closer. :/

    How great you were able to get together with some fellow bloggers/readers. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Adrienne @ The Rich Life on a Budget last summer after having read her blog for a year. We have kept in touch and I never would have thought I would meet a special friend through blogging.


  8. It is so nice to see a picture of Linda. She leaves the sweetest comments. Lucky you to meet Brooke, too.

  9. Mary Ann, I agree with you. I enjoy my blogging friends so much!
    Great pictures. Looks like you have been busy and having fun too.
    Happy Thursday.

  10. I'd really like to have a glass-front fridge but I'm not sure I could keep everything inside as neat as that.

    So nice to see the woman behind the always enthusiastic comments from Linda in AZ.

    I'm sure you're as sorry to have Annie moving back East as we are excited to have her.

  11. I've always contemplated getting one of those white ceramic pieces for our fridge - they are adorable. And what a nice meet-up for you, Brooke, Linda and Annie. And so nice that your daughter will be able to give Brooke's son some guidance on what to expect in his exciting first year at NYU. I love NY! Blogging is so wonderful - you are right!!

  12. Love this post, a perfect fridge and blogging friends lunch, so nice! I am a clean fridge person too. Our youngest, a teenage boy still in the nest, looks at our fridge with disgust. "Why is there only healthy food in here all the time?" Those charming containers are perfect for the berries we all buy every week.

  13. Also did you know that if you take the grapes off the vine as you are washing them, the holes where they were connected tighten up and they stay fresh longer?

  14. I can only dream that my fridge would look this great! My kids are like little ferrets when they are looking for something! I do like the containers...that's one step in the right direction!

    Love the pictures and I'm so glad when bloggers meet up! Putting face to a blog is wonderful!


  15. Wow....and I thought I was doing good just keeping the shelves of my frig clean. Love the ceramic baskets.

  16. *** YOUR FRIDGE IS "LOOKIN" GOOD MaryAnn!!! OK, now I really A*M going to buy "refrigerator cuties" like the ones you just shared here!!! I ALREADY show my 'OCD side' by always arranging EVERYTHING, including cans of soda, etc., in "perfect order"...with, of course, all labels facing towards the front, but had just not gotten around to purchasing the "cuties" to reorganize it all in a pretty(& FASHIONABLE) way!!!

    LUNCH at The Ivy was such great fun, but finnnnnally MEETING & GETTING to know YOU and BROOKE was OBVIOUSLY the BIIIIIGEST HIGHLIGHT of the day/week/month!!! Such CUTE (and TINY!) things you both are, and soooo SWEET and sooo FUN, too!!!! I loved every... single... minute!!!

    And you were SO thoughtful & generous in gifting me the SIGNED COPY of Brooke & Steve's new book PATINA STYLE~~~ THANK YOU again!!!

    Gotta run... (the dawgs want to "walk me" now!!! )...

    Warmest hugs,
    Linda (in AZ *)

  17. I found you today via Velvet and Linen. I'm a newbie, and loving all the connections I am making and seeing the blog community lovin' one another! I am guessing by looking at the fridge pics, that you do NOT have boys in your house! Mine would never look that neat...jealous! Usually I find empty containers!

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  19. Please do not even tell me your fridge looks like that all the time! Geez.....you do not want to see mine, it will be the battle of the fridges! And you think your "before" of your trunk was a mess? Thats an after for my trunk!I am feeling a little intimidated now.....lol.
    How fun to meet blogging friends in "real life" that is kind of the ultimate don't you think? You all look beautiful...must be the healthy California sun! Love the post....and am a little jealous of your ceramic baskets. If I showed this post to my kids I can hear them now...."why doesn't OUR fridge look like that" so this post is our little secret:)

  20. How fun that you get to meet local bloggers! I don't think any bloggers live near me :( Your frig looks great! reminds me that I need to clean mine out!

  21. I'm beyond impressed by your fridge, Mary Ann! I now have a new organizing task!

    You look beautiful and healthy in all of your pictures! I'd love the chance to meet a few of my blogging friends in 'real life'.

  22. Your fridge looks great! I found some similar 'strawberry baskets' at Kohl's last year. I love keeping my tomatoes in them on the counter. I may have to upgrade the look of the inside of the fridge now. I will look for the egg holder. I love that.

    Great pictures of all of you! It sounds like fun.


  23. It looks like you had a great time. Its wonderful how you connect in blog-land. By the way, your refrigerator is so clean!

  24. Blog-land is indeed a wonderful place! I love the picture of you, Linda and Brooke! And yes, your fridge is clean, you guys sure don't eat much! hehe
    I'll bet soCal is so lovely right now!

  25. Mary Ann,

    Love the the picture of you with your two friends.

    Thank you for sharing your fridge organization.

  26. Love that you got to meet some of my favorite bloggers!!! Looks like you are all having the best time. Wish I lived closer to join you! I have some of the porcelain berry baskets and an egg crate. Makes me so happy when I open my fridge!

  27. Blog-land is a wonderful place!! I have met so many nice people! Your fridge is very organized! I love all the healthy snack options at hand.

  28. Do I spy some Jicama in your fridge..totally Californian. I wonder if I can find some down here in the South. I have a fabulous Jicama and Orange salad. I was in awe when I saw Lovely Things exterior transformation! You two gals must have a lot in common.

  29. Blogging does make the world a smaller, friendlier place! Well said! :) Looks like so much fun! One of these days, I hope to get together with other bloggers and finally meet up! Your fridge looks great! My husband loves chobani yogurt! We stack up every week! Have a great weekend.

  30. I *wish* my refrigerator looked like that! I love meeting blog friends. Don't you just love Patina Style!

    Our daughter was accepted to NYU, but we wanted her to stay closer to home. She can go out of state for graduate school!


  31. OMG your fridge is so clean and organized. Since I'm hanging around the house with a cold today....mabe I'll take a crack at cleaning it out. Lucky you to meet Linda. I love her comments....they are filled with excitement. I get energy from reading them:). I met Brook and Steve here at a book signing. They were both very gracious. Not familiar with Anne's blog so I will head over! Have a great weekend!

  32. Your fridge is so organized, I wish mine looked the same. It reminds me to clean out my fridge one of these days. LOL. Meeting blogger friends are so much fun. I read Annie's blog, too. She is such a talented woman. Glad you had a great time together.

    By the way, I just tagged you with 11 questions on my blog. Hope you play along! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  33. Your fridge is inspiring. I love organization and need to get going on the fridge. I even have one of those cute ceramic fruit boxes. Clever.

    Lucky you to get to hang with Brooke...she seems so genuinely nice. Even with her more than busy schedule she often takes the time to comment on my blog and always answers questions when asked. Very nice.

  34. Even with Matt at college my fridge does not look that good! I think I need an intervention.... how fun to have lunch with one your readers - that is so cool!!!

  35. MaryAnn,

    Great reminder that we're entering spring cleaning time zone or alteast making a list of areas to whip into shape.
    Love to organize I added cut-to-fit gripper liners for glazer through drawers and door shelves...it's perfect! Love all tbe ceramics they add an element of control in an area that's busy.

    Seeing bloggers in real life is like writing coming off a page and exciting. I've met several and the new friendships are better than we hoped for. Great snaps and great times to remember.

    This post is loaded with goodies...have a great weekend!


  36. Mary Ann, oh how I wish I could have been to lunch with the three of you, so sorry I could not make it! I can tell by the look on your faces you all had a great time. We are kindred spirits when it comes to the refrigerator. I did a post a couple of year ago and I called it Frigescaping!! I have the egg holder from Anthro and I purchased a bunch of containers from Crate and Barrel. I need to get the berrie holder. Here is the post I did
    We nesters have to have pretty all around us, even in the refrigerator.
    Happy Weekend,

  37. OMG! Is that really how your refrig looks?! I love those containers - apparently I need to buy containers :) Your lunch looked like fun - great group of women!


  38. Hi sweet Paris friend! Why am I not surprised that your fridge is so divine and stylish! One of my favorite comic strips is Garfield and from a day in 1985 (wow!), the following took place:

    Jon: I wonder if I should clean the refrigerator

    Garfield: The bacon is grazing on the lettuce and he asks if the refrigerator needs cleaning

    I do not ever want to get to that point!


  39. I have refrigerator envy! Your organization looks great. I think I need to pop over to Anthropologie and pick up a few of those cartons. So cool!
    It was such a treat getting to spend time with you! I'm so thankful to Linda (isn't she fantastic!) for organizing our lunch.
    Please, let's stay in touch. You name the flea market, and I'll be there!

    xo xo

  40. My glass door Sub Zero just arrived. I love it. I just ordered the ceramic market baskets. Thanks for the tip. (I already own the egg crates.) All items in my fridge are in size place with the labels facing front. It makes me happy, but then again I live alone.
    All the best...Victoria

  41. I'm just going to admire your organization. Not going to pretend that I will ever be organized like that.

  42. OK, so when we do meet in San Diego, don't look in my fridge, it is horrile :)

  43. Love your fridge organizers! I have Brooke's book....it is wonderful. I am a big fan of hers!


  44. Great ideas for the fridge. I am going to look for some of those containers. How nice to have lunch with Brooke. Her book and her blog are one of my favorites. If I ever win a lottery I would have Steve design a home for me and Brooke do the decorating.

  45. I I really like the idea of the baskets in the trunk, go figure.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog post "large icecube"
    Have a great weekend.

  46. I love the refrigerator organization tips! I think I would like to have a Sub-Zero with a glass door, but keeping it looking cute has been one of my concerns. Thanks so much!


  47. Your fridge looks so tidy and organized. Lovely organizational tips here. Looks like you had a nice meet up with your blog friends. It's so great to have some face to face time with like minded people you've met in the blog world.

  48. Thank you so much for your visit to Hill Country House. Now I just need some cute organizing dishes for my fridge to go with my new painted kitchen!! I've had my eye on those egg crates at Anthropologie for some time. Really they are fun for all sorts of things. I've even thought of buying some for earring storage!

  49. Blog land certainly does make the world a smaller, friendlier place! Great tips! I would love to open my fridge and see some of those and my trunk could certainly use a makeover! It's scary looking right now! When I open it up to load up groceries I look around to see if anyone is around to witness my disaster! Eeep! Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. Hi Mary Ann!

    So nice to hear from you, sweetie!

    Oh, that's so wonderful to see how Linda looks like! She's so amazing. I love her comments... she's always so happy and lovely. Brooke is simply one of my favorites person in the blogland. Not only super talented, but also so sweet and kind.

    By the way,Hi Mary Ann! The tooth fairy did come last night. You know what my son did? He made a card for the tooth fairy asking if she could leave his tooth because he wanted to keep it! The tooth fairy let him keep it and he's so happy. Seeing him smiling (w/out the tooth) is the cutest thing ever!!! :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  51. Hi Mary Ann,
    Oh my stars you just put my frig to shame...LOL
    I was just saying to the hubby we need to clean out the frig and then I see yours all neet and tidy and looking so pretty. So now I better get busy and clean out my frig. Thank you for the kick in the seat.
    Have a sweet week full of sweet moments.

  52. Oh my, Mary Ann, I was just saying to my daughter today how I wish someone would come make my home beautifully organized...love the idea of the pretty crates and the baskets from Home Goods are perfect!! Love that you've actually met several of your blogging friends - what a treat ~

  53. Your refrigerator is amazing! Inspiring me to get a bit more organized! How did u like Brooke's book? I bet it's amazing..

  54. Your fridge is the best looking one I've ever seen. You'd be the perfect owner of one of those glass door refrigerators :)

  55. I just placed another order with Roost and I have a ton of the ceramic fruit containers coming my way, I am thinking they will be great hostess gifts too! ;) hope your week is going well!! xx

  56. What a gorgeous, unique post! I always thought the glass fronted fridges looked so cool but only if the food could look perfect, and these do!

  57. No wonder you're so thin! Look what's in your fridge!

  58. I have been eyeing those Anthro berry containers for awhile now. I now have fridge love! What a clean, fresh, attractive fridge you have. I'm jealous ;)
    I'm also a new follower.


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