Kitchen Island Décor and Mediterranean Chicken

Do you decorate your kitchen island or table?
Here is the pitcher that I hand carried back from our 
recent trip to London...along with a rooster, plate and bowl 
from a previous vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Before, we had this tiered fruit basket.  
I keep fruit, especially tomatoes, 
unrefrigerated so they can continue to ripen.
Now, the fruit is over here on the counter.

On Debbie's island, she has flowers arranged in blue and white vases on a glass tray.

The Enchanted Home also uses blue and white on her 
island in her kitchen.
 You can find similar blue and white porcelain at 

Claire has a succulent arrangement in a metal urn
...low maintenance.

Our friend, Cindy gave us these white sponges 
(who really wants neon blue sponges on their counter?).
They are made by Twist.  
One side has a loofah, also nice in the bath.

Here's an easy, flavorful Mediterranean Chicken 
recipe that I've made many times.

I toss thin lemon slices on top before transferring the skillet to the oven...it adds color and another layer of flavor. Serve with a simple green salad and warm French bread...
and for dessert,
fresh palmiers (elephant ears in French) cookies 
from the bakery.  

Incidentally, I saw the same pitcher at Roger's Gardens today.
I didn't need to carry mine across the world!
Source: Roger's Gardens
An arrangement like this would be colorful on a kitchen island.

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  1. Everything looks so pretty! I laughed about your pitcher - I had the same experience when we went to Italy - So many things that I had wished I had bought was all here anyway. But you have the memory to go with your pitcher and that is nice :D
    And thanks for the tip on the sponges - I just purchased a few!

  2. Your island looks beautiful. I love the white pieces and laughed about Roger's having the same one. Maybe the same one, but not the one with the same memories. :)
    I love the islands with the blue and white accents too.

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Mary Ann for including my island with such a bevy of beauties. All so beautiful....you show how many ways there are to decorate an island and there are simply limitless possibilities! I have to get those sponges!! We were in San Miguel del Allende too..isn't it amazing? I must say its quite a gem of a place, just wish it was easier to get to!

  4. The blue and white looks great. My marble kitchen peninsula is a work area, and it is really hard to accessorize it without it becoming clutter when I am making a meal. All the photos you showed are beautiful.

  5. All look gorgeous. I tend to favor a simple white pitcher and flowers myself, or the occasional array of cake stands with goodies that never seem to last too long.

  6. MaryAnn~ you have a stunning kitchen! White kitchen's are the best! I noticed the sun reflecting off of your cabinets giving everything in your kitchen such a pretty glow!
    I always decorate my counters. Changing them a couple times every season. What great ideas you have given me!! Love the white pitcher with the flowers and the proud rooster!
    Every kitchen you have shared is breathtaking!
    I would love you to stop by StoneGable and add your Mediterranean Chicken to ON THE MENU MONDAY still going on. It looks so fresh and scrumptious!
    What a great visit!

  7. MaryAnn, Love all the details on the islands. Its fun to change things up. Keeps it interesting.

  8. I love a decorated island! Right now I try to keep mine NOT decorated - since my little interior designers like to decorate it with Nerf guns, Pokemon cards, Legos and Barbie shoes. I have a feeling it will be a sort of sad day when I realize that I can decorate it and the little ones will leave my things alone!

  9. Hi Mary Ann,
    Yes, but then you wouldn't be able to say you got the pitcher on your trip to London! It is beautiful, no matter where you got it! I just love Carreras marble countertops!! In my next life... The chicken dish looks delicious, too!

  10. Thanks for all of the island inspiration, pretty pretty ideas! That chicken looks divine and warm bread...yum!

  11. Hi Mary Ann,

    Your island is gorgeous and I love the pitcher you brought back from London. I'm looking forward to changing things up a bit as Fall approaches .. beautiful ideas here and I adore Tina's island and her blue and whites.

    Have a wonderful day,

  12. Beautiful ideas Mary Ann! I love the pitcher and how you've arranged everything. :-) I try to keep my island both pretty and functional but may have to mix it up a bit after seeing this!

  13. Mary Ann, I agree with Barbara - try to put it out of your mind that Roger's is selling them (and that I might go get one for myself today!) your hand carry story and vacation memories put a soul in your pitcher.

    A friend was in Germany shopping for the perfect nut cracker to add to her collection had finally made her selection....the little old "toy maker" shop keeper went to the back room to collect the box.... Kirkland Brand - YES, Costco!

    She displays it every Christmas and loves to tell the story. :-)


    1. Hey hey Mary Ann!

      That pitcher at Roger's was the last one...it's now in my house - thanks again for the lead. :-)

      It is beautiful with my antique iron stone, contemporary china and vintage McCoy - ALL in white!


  14. Islands are a challenge for me...I change my vignette regularly. Thanks for some new ideas.

  15. Great post but the best idea yet are those sponges! I can't agree more who wants those hideous blue ones anywhere they can be seen! Thanks for the tip!

  16. Beautiful kitchen islands. The chicken recipe sounds tasty and easy which I like. Thanks for sharing....

  17. Love the island decorating ideas. I love the lights over Debbie's island, is there a link to her blog. I think you decorate beautifully - all your rooms look like they are decorated for real people very inviting.


  18. This was perfect timing. I need to address my island.

  19. Loving all that blue and white ... which is what I generally have on my island.

    I also love that folk-art sailboat picture that is somewhat hidden behind the plant.

    Thanks for the inspiration once again,

  20. I love to have fresh veggies and fruit on my counter. I use a large tray basket and put different bowls on the basket for the individual items. I do this when I have over night guest so they always have something good to snack on. I love all the above images, so pretty,

    PS you can see what is on my counter here....http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/2012/04/something-that-helps-me-eat-healthier.html

  21. Mediterranean style is my favorite. I love the blue and white china!

  22. I adore your kitchen Mary Ann no matter what you have on your counter...and it's always perfect, but not too perfect, you know what I mean. Thanks for the tip on the natural sponges by twist and an idea for dinner.

  23. Thank you for the pretty inspiration for ones island. I have had the same thing on mine forever and really need to change it.
    Seeing yours, Debbie's, Tina's, and Claire's I must do something asap! I think I hear Home Goods calling me! And those palmiers .....would they be from C'est si Bon? We were friends with the guys who first opened the store years ago and I used
    to steal a bag of palmier every time I went there....along with all the other French goodies! Great memories of that place!
    The Mediterranean chicken looks heavenly and I am anxious to try it.

  24. All of these islands look fantastic.... thanks for the inspiration.

  25. I love your island display the best Mary Ann!
    Thanks for the recipe as i am always looking for new ones!
    I love those sponges! Actually i got excited over them lol!!

  26. Loving that bottom arangement full of goodness and I've always wanted to go to St Miguel - lucky you! (It's always featured in Sunset mag and looks so romantic)

  27. Love your island and all the other inspirations. Love your stove as well.
    I know what you mean about the pitcher. I lugged wine back from Napa Valley and then found it on an end cap at Kroger's down the street. Go figure.
    Blessings, Ginger

  28. Gorgeous finds! It goes so well in your lovely kitchen. Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  29. Mary Ann-
    This is one fabulous post. I love your arrangement on the island and the counter. I am so happy to find these sponges. I had one like it and have forgotten where i got it!!
    The recipe looks amazing. Trying this.
    Have a great weekend.

  30. Would you like to live here?

  31. I'm visiting from On the Menu Monday where I saw your Mediterranean chicken featured. It sounds divine and so pretty too.

    I had to smile about finding your pitcher here. I begged my husband to allow me to bring back Provence pottery hens from France to no avail. He was sure their delicate beaks would break. So I mostly forgot about them until I saw some very similar ones in a shop here. I snapped them up and declared them to be from Provence.

  32. gorgeous! I am a sucker for blue and white porcelain every time :)

  33. Mary Ann, you have such a gorgeous kitchen(home). I love the tiered basket filled with fruit and veggies.


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