Beautiful Lakeside Living in Florida

 We're here, Clair!
We stopped by Clair's and Andy's Floridian-style home 
in Winter Park, Florida for lunch.

 Look at the cute Vespa parked out front.  I like the wide, welcoming brick steps.
Notice the working shutters.  These chairs are a comfortable spot to sit and view...
the lake across the old brick paved street.
Here's a pretty bench by the front door.  Clair is an artist.  She and Andy are also big art collectors.
This living room is to the right of the entry.  I like the pitch of the ceiling and the wood treatment.
There is a nice book collection and beautiful piano. 
To the left of the entry is the dining room with more views of the lake.
Someday I'd like to have a round dining table...I think it really encourages conversation. 
Some more art...the one on the bottom looks like Clair's cute dog. 
Here is the family room with the substantially framed French doors to the patio. Painting the French doors black really pops against all the white wood. 
(my husband, Howard and Clair)
This is where we sat for lunch.  They have a cool outdoor table with the top lined with pebbles. 

Here is their outdoor fireplace with soft blue throw blankets...I would love to sit out here in the evening with Clair and Andy.
 The powder room is lined with more art and a lamp softens the lighting.
Here is the antique French sewing chest that I bought with them at Porte de Clignancourt when they visited us in Paris years ago.  Notice the gorgeous dark herringbone floor.

This is the breakfast room. 
Sorry about the glare from the sun...
this room also looks out over the lake.

Nice swinging bench on their boat house deck. 
Now we are headed to Clair and Andy's 
beach condo for our house swap (like we did last spring). 
Isn't this a classically comfortable Floridian 
home?  I could move right in!


  1. What's not to like about this beautiful home! Love every part of it. Clair has a weakness for goldleaf frames like I do. Love the exterior of the home too, thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love how light and airy it feels with bold pops of color.

  3. Beautiful home, Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing with us. I need the mirror in teh powder room!
    Happy Thursday.

  4. This home is beautiful. Everything about it is so fresh. The dark french doors against the white wood and pale walls are stunning.

  5. Your friends have the best homes. They are all so magazine worthy.

  6. What a beautiful home Mary Ann. I especially love all of the art. There is nothing like great art to really make a home special. I'm still hoping you'll post about all the great art in your home one of these days...hint hint ;)

    Looks like a very nice trip!

  7. Gorgeous house! I love the dark French doors against the white as well.

  8. I love touring your friends' homes! It's gorgeous, I love the patterned chair in their living room. I thought you arrived on the Vespa. :)

  9. What a beautiful home! Love the french doors and transoms. - Tonya

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous home!! I love the floor to ceiling windows/French Doors-just gorgeous!! Have fun at the condo!!

  11. Just beautiful this home, I love that you shared it with us. Every room is lovely and I love the artwork, specially the small ones in the powder room. I always loved French doors, we had them in our old huge home, lol.. Enjoy it. Big hugs,

  12. Mary Ann, this was such fun!

    I clicked/linked my way back through several of your posts... when I should be running errands.

    Could you p-leeeze find Clair's source for the operable door size shutters? (keeping my fingers crossed)


  13. I'm loving the black French doors and that mirror in the powder room...oh my!

    Thanks to Clair and Andy for the tour of their beautiful home!


  14. Oh yes, I could move here in here too! Beautiful! What a view!


  15. I used to live in Orlando not far from Winter Park. It is such a charming town and their home is beautiful. Have fun!

  16. Mary Ann I love their house! The powder room is beautiful with the lamp and artwork, love the mirror! What a treat to visit both of their homes. Gayle

  17. What a wonderful gracious home! I love it, the over sized french doors, the slip covered furniture, its all so beautiful and inviting. What a view and setting to boot!!

  18. Really pretty home... So fun to have a tour!
    The boat dock is cool right across the street what a view...
    Thank you for sharing...

  19. What a beautiful home! I love everything!

  20. What a gorgeous home! I love how all the colorful artwork pops in each room!

  21. What a fabulous home... and perfectly decorated! LOVE the open feel and the details! You must have loved your visit!

  22. My kind of home...surrounded by beautiful art and wonderful decor.

  23. What a beautiful home. Love the upper and lower porch, always wanted one. And how neat that pebble table is!

  24. Hi Mary Ann,

    Gorgeous home! Their art work is beautiful and the decor is perfect. Love the bench in the entry.. wonderful exterior grounds too!

    Have a nice weekend!


  25. Mary Ann,
    What a beautiful home. I love the view and the working shutters. The furnishings are fabulous.

  26. It's gorgeous! I think I could relax very well there! Enjoy your weekend!

  27. WOW....this is one exquisite house and is my idea of the perfect home! EVERY detail is amazing, inside and out! It's my dream house....so when you move in....can I join you? How wonderful that you get to spend time there....and at their beach house too.

  28. What a beautiful place to visit and relax. Best wishes to your weekend.

  29. What a beautiful house in a spectacular location. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  30. What a beautiful home! I love the rich wood floors, artwork, the lamp in the bath, the views, and of course, the Vespa! Thanks Mary Ann, Have a great weekend.

  31. How divine! I love everything about it, especially the white with black doors, and dark floors. It is so comfy and stylish, not too overdone! I could move right in as well.
    Have a great vacation!
    xo Nancy

  32. wow...simply gorgeous! love the elegant simple touches everywhere...especially the black. beautiful.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    lucky you!

  33. Well, I could move right in, too! It's beautiful and beautifully situated! Enjoy your trip!

  34. everything is absolutely gorgeous. I love the warm tones. Thanks for sharing.

  35. gah. dying. your friends have the cutest houses!!! not my friends! haha.+

  36. That first image with the blue Vespa is perfect!!! Her art is gorgeous.....and looks perfect in her neutral spaces.

  37. What a beautiful home! Absolutely gorgeous!


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