Dressed For A Dinner Party

Recently, my friend, Debbie had a group of girlfriends 
from her old neighborhood over for dinner.
Nothing like a dinner party to get your home in top form.
Some of the ladies hadn't seen her home before. 
(Unlike you, if you are a regular reader 
posted here and here). 
They got the full tour.
They met each other when their children were small. 
This is a tradition that they started to stay in touch.
Debbie borrowed my salad plates and rattan chargers 
(that's what friends are for).
She created the center piece with small green and white plants 
in gray and white containers.  
The charcoal linen napkins are from Matteo.
I'm hoping to borrow her Venetian style glass votives some day.
I'm sure her guests felt special.  Wouldn't you?

Each friend received a striped 
cotton cosmetic bag as a party favor.

When I last posted about Debbie's house,
 there were a few emails requesting 
information about this bench.  
It is by Louis J. Soloman
The aqua leopard fabric is

The bench can be ordered in different finishes.

This arrangement was from one of Debbie's guests.

God bless Oklahoma.


  1. What a beautiful room and lovely table setting! I love the white walls and the dark furniture - very fresh and lively!!

    I am crazy for the dining chairs - do you have a source for them?

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful display! So inspiring. I love the plants with the gray planters. I would love to do something like this with my friends.

  3. I love every single photo of Debbie's house. All that white with bits of black and wood and aqua, oh my!

  4. So so pretty -- this made my day! Debbie's house and table are lovely!

  5. This is SO gorgeous!! Wow, what a treat to sit at such an elegant and inviting table, must say you and your friends have exquisite taste Mary Ann!

  6. Everything looks perfect! I'm sure each friend felt very special and pampered! What a good friend!


  7. Looks wonderful...Tina is right...you and your friends have exquisite taste!

  8. Sooo pretty. Her home is just so lovely, and I adore those dining chairs. Well, okay, I adore everything about her home!!

  9. What a gorgeous party. I bet every guest felt so special! I know I would!

  10. This was sucha beautiful party, Mary Ann. Lvoe hte gift idea too.

  11. Very pretty and festive! I have been admiring the Juliska plates forever. They look perfect in this setting!

  12. I never get tired of seeing Debbie's home...so beautiful and everything she does is pure perfection. I love your plates and those planters are so cool!

    Watching coverage of Oklahoma today...heart breaking. I cannot comprehend what those poor people are going through.

    Linda in S.D.

  13. Go Debbie, Go! How do I sign up to become one of Debbie's friends?? :) Her home is amazing. Your salad plates are too! That bouquet, with the orchid stems, was out of this world! Life is good!

  14. Darn I wish I were invited! That bouquet is to die for! And...thanks for posting the pic of the lumbar pillows...I was just trying to explain the detail to a client yesterday!

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I love all the blue and white and that bouquet is gorgeous. The table is so pretty and your salad plates are a perfect fit with her setting. Gorgeous home! I might have to go back and look at the other posts again!

  16. Love, love, love! What a beautiful get together!

  17. I love she pampers her guess! I love to too! Thank you Mary Ann for the info on the stool. I appreciate you remembering!!!
    Have a beautiful Day!
    Casual Loves Elegance

  18. Wow. Just beautiful. I feel special just from looking at the pictures and I'm sure her guests felt incredible. I'm addicted to using plants as centerpieces...love what she did there. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Abby M.

  19. What a beautiful setting. I love all the clean, clear colors. Her plates are darling and I love the idea of a gift at each chair.

  20. Que capricho e bom gosto na arrumação desta mesa. Adorei cada detalhe. Linda sua louça.
    Espero que todos estejam bem, e o furacão não tenha feito nenhum estrago.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  21. Mary Ann, such a pretty room - love the moldings and all of the pottery filled with flowers. What a stylish and more importantly generous of heart friend you have!

  22. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! XO

  23. I love beautiful tables and the joy of hostessing a party. Debbie did it up right, just lovely. I know here guests enjoyed themselves!

  24. That is just so beautiful and elegant - what a lovely lunch it must have been.

  25. Wow this is absolutely beautiful! I know I would feel special!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! The small plants in the grey containers are a beautiful touch and have given me some great ideas - those venetian glass votive holders are beautiful!!!

  27. There aren't enough superlatives to describe this beautiful party setting. You and Debbie both have such amazing style and taste that whatever you do is always absolutely perfect! I love every detail and only wish I could have been at that table.

  28. The table is so beautifully set....what a wonderful evening together!
    I adore the Juliska china and think it's a great idea to use them for salad plates with a nice plain white. Do you have any white china suggestions? Also, will you share the source for the round mats - love that look with it.

    Do you have the Juliska that looks like pewter? I am curious about their products holding up.

  29. Juliska and Vietri have good white plates. Don't know about the pewter but the round mats are from Pier One.

  30. She has such classic style....the table is simply stunning! And the flowers....wow.

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